Amulet made from real cheetah claws



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Amulet made from real cheetah claws
Materials: real cheetah claws 2 pieces, cheetah fur, copper, leather lace.

Lunnitsa is one of the most common amulets-amulets that have existed for many epochs and have been part of the women’s attire. With all the variety of forms and techniques of execution, their general resemblance to the Moon remains unchanged.
A powerful sacred sign that brings a woman health and female happiness. Its importance was invested in the protection of pregnant women, safe childbirth. It was believed that through the Lunnitsa, the baby received a strongly generic beginning. These amulets are symbols of life, fertility and prosperity.

The cheetah is synonymous with speed, carries the mind, valor and power. Such a symbol is filled with the energy of cats and dogs, in many respects it is characterized by duality. He is emotional, but at the same time reasonable and always calculates where it is worth spending energy, and where you can get by with cunning. He is ready to take risks, but the innate flexibility of the mind and body allows him to change the trajectory of movement with lightning speed. The cheetah will help you know your price and maintain a friendly attitude towards others. Such a talisman can be used to speed up events and bring about the desired changes or conditions.
Lunnitsa with a cheetah in alliance gives its owner protection, protection, prudence, cunning bordering on wisdom, helps in achieving events and goals.



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