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Artifact “Witch World”
Materials: lynx eyes, lynx claws, lynx fang, bronze, enamel.

“Witch World” is a full-fledged magical attribute that can act as an energy concentrator, BUT this is not its main purpose.
The artifact is intended for everyone, absolutely anyone can use it, instructions are issued for each one, for practitioners there is a slight discrepancy in the use of the artifact.
And so about the main direction of the artifact:
– can help replenish and restore on the energy plane
– open the curtain of the secret and sacred, also expand the horizons of consciousness and strengthen the power of thought
– will help in the right choice and the ability to avoid false development options in solving issues
– can develop the skills of deceit, resourcefulness, stealth and everything connected with it
– the artifact is endowed with a number of active protections against various types of witchcraft

The general information of the work is described, there are also secondary directions:
– can give good luck in almost all areas
– help in confronting and cutting off other people’s opinions
– the owner of the artifact will be able to firmly convey his opinion to others without suppression

One-of-a-kind work made on a special day.


The rite is done on a full moon.
First they become in the pose of a cat, and they put their hand on the attribute, and they say something like this
“I’m calling, I’m a witch (say your name) from the owner’s Navi world (a couple of times saying this line louder and louder)
for such a thing (protecting the family, for example), I urge,
I trust in your help.
I ask the owner to appear in clear light,
in this fang will be embodied.”
and then they say:

“Not from the sheath of blades
Shine from the steel of the fangs
Light and sparks fly
Soft paws are subject to any path
Yes, no one can escape from hard claws
With the spirit of a lynx I stand at the enemy on the road
Protect the family and me (his name)
Invisible Warrior.”

It is advisable to dance the lynx dance. Improvise, trust yourself.
Putting a lynx on a girl’s neck, she will not become seeing overnight, but she will begin to awaken her premonition. The lynx will smoothly lead its owner away from the place and time where there may be danger. The girl will choose companies more carefully, her field will be surrounded by strong protection. The girl will become more sensitive, will walk more and learn to use energy from trees, from the earth, from space and from stars and other sources.
To awaken the ability to recognize the secret at a trot, learn to meditate and contemplate, sit more often and watch what is happening as a spectator. Watching how people behave and what they say.

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