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Cape “Fox werewolf”. Real fox skin. Taxidermy

This product is very conveniently attached to the head.

Production method: modern taxidermy from a real fox skin.

Can be used for shamanic rituals, carnival costumes, photo shoots and more.

For Western culture, a werewolf has almost always been a person who could change into another animal. Therefore, even a superficial acquaintance with the Far East can surprise. In China, Japan and Korea, this principle is familiar, but in general, the approach to werewolves is different. A werewolf can be called, rather, an animal that can turn into a human. Among animals with such abilities, the fox in the Far East is one of the most important, if not the main thing at all. The fox is associated with a huge number of stories in China and Japan. There is little Korean folklore material available in Western European languages, but even there, without any doubt, foxes play a very large role in popular beliefs. The fox plays a special role in Japanese mythology. Japanese werewolves are not like European ones. These are not people who, with the help of witchcraft, take the form of an animal. These are guests from other worlds, spirits in the form of animals, turning into a person, a tree, and even into some objects. Fox – Kitsune, perhaps the most famous type of such werewolves. They have been living next to man for thousands of years, bringing with them sometimes troubles, and sometimes happiness.


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