Owl amulet pendant



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The owl paw amulet symbolizes the predatory essence of owls and provides protection to its owner.
Owl amulet pendant. Aegolius funereus.

A powerful magical artifact. Protects from any negativity. It will help to gain wisdom, wealth and power. Owl is the wisest adviser and keeper of secret knowledge, underground riches and treasures.
Everything secret and hidden is kept and protected by an owl. No wonder the owl does not close its eyes at night.
The owl will give you what she has been keeping for thousands of years, hiding from prying eyes and ears.
Thanks to her wise advice and tips, you will never find yourself in a difficult and bad situation.
It is impossible for your enemies to get out of the tenacious paws of an owl. This amulet will keep its owner from any evil.
The amulet can be worn on oneself, hung in a car, or stored in a home or office.

No animals were harmed in the production of this product.

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