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Real horse tail

With the help of a whip made of a stallion’s ponytail and attached to a wooden handle, they protect themselves from harmful energy and harmful spirits. With it, the sorcerer “cleanses” the body of a sick person from an alien invasion, including the introduction of the devil into a person.
In love magic, hair from the tail of a mare is used. They are boiled in a cauldron with honey, mint and unripe poppy seeds, then three knots are tied on each hair at one end, and one knot at the other, everything is collected in a ball and taken to the crossroads of those roads where the object of passion should soon pass . Stepping on a hairball, a person becomes attached with all his heart to the one who bewitched him.
The water in which the hair was boiled is also used. It is added to the food or drink of the object of passion in order to “fix” the love spell.
Another love spell on the hair is somewhat simpler. They take three long horsehairs taken from the stallion’s mane, soak them with their saliva or blood and hide them in the house of the chosen one or the chosen one.
In voodoo magic, common both in Africa and in the United States, horse hair is an essential attribute. It is they, according to ancient rules, that should make up the “innards” of the witch’s doll, with which magical rituals are performed.
In addition to dolls, horsehair is used as one of the “ingredients” added to the gris-gris voodoo talisman – a small bag where, in addition to hair, they put nail clippings, pieces of cloth soaked in sweat, dry human blood and bird nests.
Especially “gris-gris” are common in the state of Louisiana, where almost every third inhabitant has his own magic bag.Gris-gris is done to win the lottery, attract love, find a good job, protect family and loved ones, never get sick. Police officers wear them as protection against bullets and blades.
Evil people use “gris-gris” against their enemies, whom they want to annoy. If the bag is left at someone’s door, it means that in the near future they are in big trouble.
At the same time, it is quite simple to protect yourself from such a bag: just put a bunch of horsehair under the door mat or hang a bunch of horsehair on the handle of the front door.

Materials: real horse tail

Size: 24″ (60cm)

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