Ritual Knife “Spirit of the Bear”



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Ritual Knife “Spirit of the Bear”.

Ritual knife in a single copy of stainless steel 440. Handle from the jaw of a bear. Author’s work. A very powerful knife, made according to all the rules of magic.
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RITUAL KNIFE – one of the most important and most formidable weapons of the sorcerer. This is a skill tool. The ritual knife is a conductor of the power that the person conducting the ceremony accumulates, and then gives it away to achieve one or another magical effect. But the ritual knife does not just absorb energy from the hand of the sorcerer holding it, it concentrates the flows of power in itself, increases them, adding its own energy, and at the right moment sends an impulse to the required object.
What can a ritual knife do? Yes all! Draw magic circles, cut through energy flows, cut magical plants, bless and consecrate, and more. With each such action, he will gain strength.
The handle of the knife is made from bear bone. The ritual knife “Spirit of the Bear” is the bearer of the strength and spirit of the bear. Bear magic: strength, prudence, courage and invincibility.
Also, parts of the bear’s body are used during various rituals. They accompany a person in the afterlife, providing him with contact with his ancestors, as well as protection from evil spirits.
Such a knife will be your reliable companion and protector in any rituals.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm