Set 24 Scandinavian Runes made of natural stone amber



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Set 24 Scandinavian Runes made of natural stone amber. Viking Age Craft

Runes made of natural stone are particularly beautiful and attractive. Stones in a certain way affect the magical properties of runes, adding opportunities and strength to them. The energy of the mineral greatly enhances the runic energy. And the rune inscribed on the stone also complements and enhances its energy. These runes can be used in a variety of ways. They are suitable both for answering questions and for carrying with you as an amulet that helps you understand the current situation and speed up the implementation of your plan. Our runes are made of Amber – a solar stone that collects energy for 70 million years!. Each of the stones endows the rune inscribed on it with its energy and magical properties. The combination of the power of runes and minerals makes this set a very serious and powerful magical tool. Includes 24 stones

Runes are completed with a leather bag

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