Set for making a necklace “Spirit of the wolf”, Jewelry with claws



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Set for making a necklace “Spirit of the wolf”, Jewelry with claws
The set consists of 3 real wolf fangs and 30 white coyote bone beads, 30 black coyote bone beads.

The wolf is a beast of power.
The wolf is on the verge of two worlds. The wolf reminds us that a wild Force lives in man. The wolf will teach a person the knowledge of the inner essence. It is very important to note that any Force needs understanding and order, and that’s just the wolf understands the order of things and reveals the potential. This is the totem of freedom. The wolf will teach you to love freedom and live free from internal restrictions.

The wolf is about the spiritual path, destiny, self-knowledge. If a wolf appeared in your life when you are standing at a crossroads, he will confidently lead you to your path and lead you. People with a wolf totem are guides to other worlds, guides to the inner world. The wolf is always from the inside – it is always the inner world. He always looks inwards and then outwards. People with a wolf totem skillfully combine the other (dreaming reality) with the ordinary, finding new solutions and moves.

Wolves are lunar entities filled with strong intuition and the widest range of emotions. People with this totem have the highest level of emotional intelligence. They know how to be sincere, they know how to manage both their own and other people’s emotions. They always know the reason for their mood, deeply live their emotions without hiding or suppressing them. The wolf also teaches to be in balance and not to lose one’s head from excessive anger or deep love.

People with a wolf totem are very lively people who know how to connect with life and give this skill to others. The wolf of man will teach to be alive.

Wolf people feel any falseness when they are told not the truth or voiced something wrong. In general, a person with a wolf totem can practice vocals. The wolf is the patron saint of all vocalists. Wolf howling is tonal and it distinguishes a huge number of different tones and timbres, which are signals.

Wolf people never get attached to the image, since they always look inward, they easily accept the changes of any person, without imposing labels and patterns on him.

Wolf people are thoughtful, capable of analysis and introspection, hardy, fast, brave, loyal. The wolf will teach you to use your energy wisely, moving away from everything that can deprive you of strength. If a wolf came to you, then you will feel protected, as this totem can remove all fears through balance, self-control, calmness and some slowdown. Thus, wolf people can build a distance and at the same time be true friends, substituting a shoulder.

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