Taxidemy goat with horns and hooves


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Taxidemy goat with horns and hooves. Full skin.

Real skin, rare. size: length 71” (180 cm), width 17.5” (47 cm)

Goat skin with horns and hooves.

Very powerful witchcraft artifact.
It is an unrealistically powerful protection and a strong assistant in rituals.
The goat is a symbol of Baphomet himself, who is our protector and helper.
Baphomet is the god of wisdom and knowledge.
He is exists, he is alive.
 Do you want to have His favor? After all, the favor of Baphomet is worth a lot.
🔥 This is power, money and immense luck! You will always be successful in everything. And all earthly blessings will be available to you. How to achieve this?
Let’s perform the strongest ceremony with the skin of a goat.
We do the ceremony on the floor. We lay down the skin of the Goat on the floor. In front of the Goat’s horns we draw an inverted pentagram with a face to the north. We place black candles along the edges of the pentagram.
When we light the candles, we say, “We light the candle and open the pentogram. Between the horns of the Goat we put a statuette of Baphomet, a black candle and a goblet with dry red wine. You pierce any finger on your left hand and drip your blood on a candle and in wine .. You also drip blood on coals. Pre-heat the coals and add Bergamot oil, laurel, myrrh or others.
Say: I give my living blood as a gift for the strength and wisdom of Baphomet, I open myself. Cut off your strand of hair and set fire to it over a candle and say, “I give living hair as a gift, I open myself for the power and knowledge of Baphomet. We do the same with the pieces of the nail. in this way you give yourself into the hands of the god Baphomet and purify your body. Then sit in the lotus position and read a prayer: “I embody all the laws of the universe in you Baphomet, I personify all the secret knowledge in your appearance. For your science Baphomet, I open myself, I accept darkness and light in myself. I remove all prohibitions, I break locks and shackles. I glorify your wisdom Baphomet on my way. We read this prayer 9 times. You will feel the wave and enlightened people can see Baphomet.
Then we read the meditation: “I combine life and death in myself. I accept the pros and cons of life. I don’t let negative energy in. For secret knowledge I purify myself. All blocks in themselves are destroying. I break barriers on my way. I release pain and resentment.
Everything that the devil gives me I accept. I fill myself with knowledge. I open the channel of Baphomet in myself. I connect myself with Baphomet. I kill all the past, unnecessary, obsolete in myself. I create new experience and knowledge in myself. I accept the Sun and the Moon in myself, I accept day and night in myself, I accept sunset and dawn in myself, I accept light and darkness in myself, I do not deny anything, I receive freedom. I discover the power of Baphomet in myself!
We read this meditation 9 times.

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