Skin of the Great Black Cormorant, set of wings, tail, paws and head



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Taxidermy. Skin of the Great Black Cormorant. Set of wings, tail, paws and head. Very rare

Processed, dried, odorless.

The skin of the Great Black Cormorant. Set of wings, tail, paws and head. Very rare.
As Japanese ethnographers point out, in the ritual this bird is considered a god,
By her movements in front of the altar, the deities are guessing about the future. This bird is a predictor of the future.
A special mythological function of the cormorant is considered to be the function of the “giver of food”. Your house will always be full of food if you have this bird.
Another of the magical properties of this bird is to promote
a happy resolution of the burden. Cormorant feathers have long been considered an amulet for women in labor.
Cormorant has long been considered a sacred bird
also because of the entire animal world, including birds, it is precisely
waterfowl are endowed with the largest
ability to master space, since they are able to walk on land, fly in the sky, dive to the bottom of the sea and swim on
surface of the water, hence their high mythological significance.
In legends, he is credited with the miraculous ability to overcome great distances through the earth and mountains, while not
air, but underground. The connection of the cormorant is not only with water, the river and
the sea and not only with the air and sky, but also with the earth and the underworld is very strong.


No animals were harmed in the production of this product.


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