The skin of a huge wolf XXXL, gorgeous fur, length 2.1 meters (83″)



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The skin of a huge wolf XXXL. Gorgeous fur. Hide length 2.1 meters (83″)

Perhaps no mammal is associated with as many misconceptions as the wolf. Almost all peoples have terrible tales about this animal, from which the hair stands on end and the blood freezes in the veins.
But in fact, not a single case is known when a healthy, normal wolf attacked a person and killed him.
In reality, the wolf is almost the complete opposite of its fairy-tale image. Wolves are friendly, sociable and very intelligent. They honor and protect their family ties. Their whole life is subject to clear rules and rituals.
The wolf is the personification of the spirit of freedom. This animal has so many positive qualities that the North American Indians and some other peoples worshiped him as a deity.
The wolf is the embodied spirit of free and wild nature, untouched by the “benefits of civilization”.


The skin is fully processed, the quality of processing is very good. The skin is made with a stocking. Complete set with paws, claws, muzzle and tail.


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