About Workshop «SHAMAN AMULETS»

Workshop «SHAMAN AMULETS»We believe that humans and nature have the original bond that must be preserved in its beauty and eternity. In our work, the knowledge of ancestors is combined with modern scientific findings and the powers of nature. Our products allow you to get out of touch with everyday routine and focus on perpetual aspects. To revive the idea and the feeling that you came from nature and will always be a part of something enormous – under the stars and the laws which exist beyond offices and decision centers.

Timeless beauty of the wild

It's a family business lovingly fueled by each of us for 15 years. We don’t doubt that substances created by nature possess strong energy, and those who believe in their power, can get a bit of wisdom and strength, to feel freedom and timelessness, and to realize that a human life has neither beginning nor end – being like a vast ocean, whose waves never cease to wash the shores.

We want you to feel the same – the absence of borders and limits both behind and in front of you. This very idea and energy are kept in each product of the store – fondly created amulets and artifacts from paws, tails, horns, feathers, skulls and more.

Our bond with a wild beast has always been historical and cannot be broken. The qualities and the energy of such products are immense compared to modern creations and all possible gadgets. With each lived century, the value of eternal waters and taiga gifts is increasing. And each beast has its own powers and symbolism. Red deer products, for example, are believed to give long years of life and wisdom. Bear products contribute to human strength and courage. Feathers – to lightness of existence and freedom over the routine. Reptile products are magnificent in their ability to adapt to harsh conditions and survive in the toughest time.

Let the inner powers out with our products

Workshop «SHAMAN AMULETS»The product range of the Shaman Amulets Store represents a wide palette of natural gifts enriching your life and boosting your natural powers. Absolutely unique taxidermy masterpieces – teeth bared beasts which aggressively ward the evil off your home. Gorgeous furry skins and carpets decorated with images of wild animals will become the center of attention in any interior.

Breathtaking amulets made of snakes will keep you strong and protect you from envy, anger and aggression. Shamanic tools and artifacts will strengthen your bond with the powers of nature and unlock your inner mysterious energy you didn’t even expect to have inside of you.

The store is a place where you will find all possible clothing and accessories made of natural fur – all of the highest quality and incredible beauty. You can even dress up like a shaman as we have costumes with real wolf skins and an aggressive grin of a beast. We have amazing products from skulls and jaws, natural tails and paws, claws, fangs and horns decorated with silver. 

These items exist out of time and bring humans back to the ancient times when they hunted and learnt in the wild forests, striving to survive. When they ate meat and all the inward parts of animals and drank blood. Thousands of years ago … They are back again in all wildness and beauty.

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