Diana Grasso 01 May 2023

This supplier has the best grizzly bear claws and fangs. They are very big. I buy them to make bear priest necklaces.

Will Jen 21 April 2023

I bought a natural lion claw pendant in a silver frame. These delights. It's great. The real Lion's Claw is very large. The product is of very high quality. Thank you master❤️

Nate 14 March 2023

Finally I got the runes from the bones of the Bear! They have crazy energy. For my magical work, they are the best. Very high quality work. Thank you!!!

Anna Gedal 18 November 2022

The wings of the Short-eared Owl and the Tawny Owl are simply magical! Very well processed, dried and straightened. Wow, every feather is beautiful and even. Thank you. I would give 5 stars to the seller.

Crystal Noel 10 November 2022

I Bought a lynx taxidermy carpet. The seller shipped quickly and packaged well. The product is very beautiful! I'm delighted🔥

Selena 03 September 2022

For a very long time I was looking for such high-quality Angora goat skins with very long hair. I found my seller!

Richard Thesigar 17 August 2022

I buy Wolverine Skins all the time. I always get rare beautiful fur with a contrasting pattern. I recommend the seller👍


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