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9 piece US $98.00

Amulet “Badger strength”

2 piece US $58.00

Amulet “Paw Trinda solitaria”

1 piece US$325.00

Amulet Owl’s Paw. Snowy Owl.

2 piece US$130.00

Amulet Owl’s Paw. Ural Owl.

2 piece US $45.00

Black goose paw

1 piece US $55.00

Black grouse foot pendant

2 piece US $150.00

Black Raven Paw Amulet

2 piece US$160.00

Black Raven Paws Amulet with Real Lava Beads, Agate and Quartz Stones

2 piece US $80.00

Black rooster paw, powerful witch’s amulet is the paw of a black rooster

1 piece US $30.00

Capercaillie paw, dried, processed, odorless

10 piece US $88.00

Groundhog’s paw is a very powerful amulet, loaded for success

0 piece US $40.00

Hare’s foot is an amulet for good luck, hare paw

2 piece US $55.00

Jay bird paw pendant with claws

2 piece US$150.00

Long Eared Owl Paws with Black Agate and Quartz

2 piece US $199.00

Magpie paws with minerals. Minerals rose quartz and white quartz

1 piece US $240.00

Northern Hawk-Owl Paw

1 piece US $214.00

Owl Paw with Green Fluorite Mineral. Powerful Magical Tool

2 piece US $214.00

Owl Paw with Minerals. Powerful Magical Tool

1 piece US $240.00

Owl Totem Amulet on a Leather Cord

2 piece US $40.00

Partridge paw, dried, processed, odorless

7 piece US $45.00

Powerful amulet “BEAVER FRONT PAW”

1 piece US $600.00

Real lion paw without claws, set 2 pieces

4 piece US$345.00

Snowy Owl Paw

1 piece US$130.00

Tawny Owl Paw with Black Agate

4 piece US $15.00

Taxidermy, Jay paw

9 piece US $144.00

Wolf Paw, real wolf paw, soft paw taxidermy