Black grouse foot pendant


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Black grouse foot pendant

Ancient hunters used various parts of animals and birds in order to attract good luck and get their abilities and strength, they believed that the spirit of the animal would accompany them along with the amulet and save them in case of danger. Fangs, claws, and also paws of various animals were very popular. The claws of the bear gave the hunter strength and courage, the fangs of the wolf gave dexterity and cunning, the hare’s foot brought good luck. The use of bird paws as talismans has been used since ancient times.
The black grouse is an unusual bird, very hardy (it can fly up to 25 – 30 kilometers without rest), in winter in frosts it can dig tunnels in the snow and spend more than a day in them. It has the ability to take off almost vertically, rapidly and unexpectedly for the hunter. Talisman “Paw of the black grouse” will bring good luck to its owner, protect from evil spirits and give the hunter endurance and patience.

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