Huge wolf skin, Real natural skin of a wolf, Wolf pelt, Taxidermy pelt, Complete set with muzzle, paws, claws and tail


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Natural wolf skin

 A large beautiful carpet made of wolf skin will warm the hosts and surprise guests at home.
 In the traditions of different peoples, the wolf is always the personification of strength, courage, power, and intelligence. Buying a wolf skin in the interior has always been considered a necessary attribute to highlight the status of the owner of the house. Wolf skins were used for the clothes of a warrior, they covered themselves, made beds out of them. Products and wolf skins for children were especially often used: as a blanket, as well as a carpet near the baby’s cradle. It was believed that this would save the child from evil spirits and dark forces, as well as from various diseases. Not without reason in the mythology of different peoples there are legends and tales about the upbringing of human babies by wolves. Such children grew up as heroes, winners, performers of great deeds.
 Carpets from the skin of a wolf with a head
 Today, most people, of course, do not believe in such things, but everyone will be delighted to see a wolf-skin carpet. The wolf skin can not only lie on the floor, but also hang on the wall – this will become an interesting detail of the interior, both in classic and modern style.
 Wolf skin carpets made in our taxidermy workshop are products of the highest quality. They do not have unpleasant odors, do not contain any toxic and harmful substances. Thanks to proper dressing and processing, the skins are soft and even. They are durable and easy to care for.
The length of the coyote from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail is 170 cm (67 inches) Leg span 145 cm (57 inches)

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