Magpie paws with minerals. Minerals rose quartz and white quartz


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Magpie paws with minerals. Minerals rose quartz and white quartz

2 paws available. One paw of an owl with the mineral rose quartz, the second paw with the mineral white quartz

TMagpie paws with minerals. Minerals rose quartz and white quartz.
Magpie as a totem can help you use any metaphysical or occult knowledge.
The magpie amulet will help you use all the resources at your disposal, and will also teach you to “take everything from life.” They can help you improve your level of knowledge. Magpie amulet will help you achieve success.

Rose quartz and white quartz are a mineral with strong magic. And its properties will only become stronger if you do not buy it, but receive it as a gift.

The crystal can be gifted or inherited. Then the stone will take the positive energy of the giver and add it to its strength.
The magical properties of rose quartz:

– protects from bad energy effects (evil eye, damage, love spell);
– enhances intuition, and capable people may even manifest the gift of clairvoyance;
– cleanses the aura and helps to resume the work of blocked chakras;
– helps with meditation – allows you to tune in the right way and calm down.


In a totem with an owl’s paw, the magical effect is very strong.

No animals were harmed in the production of this product.


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