Owl Paw with Minerals. Powerful Magical Tool


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Owl paw with minerals. Powerful magical tool

2 paws available. One paw of an owl with the mineral rhodonite, the second paw with the mineral

The owl paw amulet symbolizes the predatory essence of owls and provides protection to its owner.
Owl amulet pendant.

A powerful magical artifact. Protects from any negativity. It will help to gain wisdom, wealth and power. Owl is the wisest adviser and keeper of secret knowledge, underground riches and treasures.
Everything secret and hidden is kept and protected by an owl. No wonder the owl does not close its eyes at night.
The owl will give you what she has been keeping for thousands of years, hiding from prying eyes and ears.
Thanks to her wise advice and tips, you will never find yourself in a difficult and bad situation.
It is impossible for your enemies to get out of the tenacious paws of an owl. This amulet will keep its owner from any evil.
The amulet can be worn on oneself, hung in a car, or stored in a home or office.

The magic hidden in rhodonite will help heal severe emotional wounds and restore emotional peace, create inner harmony and balance of mind and feelings. The pink gem actively influences its owner during panic attacks, emotional outburst and overwhelming shock.

Rhodonite crystals can be used to deeply restore the aura. Legends about the magical properties of rhodonite and its description suggest that a charm in the form of a pendant can heal even insults and emotional upheavals from previous lives.
Indian sages and sorcerers believe in its power to influence both physical energy, namely the energy flows of the body, and mental or spiritual energy, that is, human emotions.

In a totem with an owl’s paw, the magical effect is very strong.

Apatite is a stone of harmony with oneself and the world, optimism. It is with them that the mineral endows the one who chose it as a talisman. Under his influence, a quiet introvert will become more sociable, an evil misanthrope – kinder, an insecure person will begin to get rid of this shortcoming. Esotericists believe that apatite can even give the gift of foresight – at least if you put it under your pillow, you will have a prophetic dream, which, if relevant, will warn of danger (and nightmares will bypass). Yellow apatite cleanses the aura well, eliminates negative energy.
The mineral is also known for being able to warn the owner of trouble by suddenly heating up. But you can’t take it off, even if the skin under it turns red and starts to itch – remaining “close”, apatite will ward off misfortune.

In a totem with an owl’s paw, the magical effect is very strong.

No animals were harmed in the production of this product.


Owl magic rite:

“Night cover, night time, connect me to your creation.
Let the night bird fly, the mistress is the night Owl,
What is awake never sleeps
And watch the world with a keen eye. Let the Owl-princess fly,
That kills all enemies with its mere appearance. Let the Owl fly in, the enchantress, which will become dear to me. In its claws, which holds the spell,
Giving them to people with the permission of Mary.
Let the Owl fly – the prophetess,
What will the witch’s eye make me clearer than the full moon.
Owl is Mokosha’s handyman, in timelessness you fly freely,
And you try on a lot of disguises. Become a sister in witchcraft,
You bestowed on me with your strength.
Let me see the secret halls. Let my magical gaze see the secret.
With your wings from evil enemies you cover me.
Let the dark haze close their eyes
They won’t see me or recognize me.
Incarnate in this paw of an owl,
May they be your home from now on.
Let it be so!”.

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