Puma claw in 925 sterling silver (16 grams) + 2 emeralds


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Puma claw in 925 sterling silver (16 grams) + 2 emeralds

The author’s frame  head is made of 925 sterling silver.

Individual author’s work.


Puma uses its claws to injure, penetrate into the tissue of the Other, release blood, that is, vital energy from the object with which the struggle for supremacy takes place (who “eats” whom wins).
In fact, with bad boundaries between us and the world, any interaction with the Other carries potential “cougar claws”. When we connect with the Other emotionally through feelings of love, hatred, guilt, resentment, responsibility, etc., we hook it into our energy body with the help of “cougar claws”. As long as this Other gives us the energy of pleasure, satisfaction, relief, self-realization, control, these “claws” do not cause us any inconvenience, they even feel like soft cat’s paws. As soon as the flow coming towards us through this channel begins to behave contrary to our intentions, the cat’s paws release their claws, tearing off pieces of flesh from us and releasing blood, draining our vital energy.
Responsibility for this, among other things, lies with us, or rather, with our foggy borders. Seeing only soft cat paws, we do not notice that their claws are already firmly seated in that gray zone that is not us, but with which we identify ourselves.



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