Hare’s foot is an amulet for good luck, hare paw


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Hare’s foot is an amulet for good luck. Hare paw. Front and back paws of a hare.

The hare’s foot has been used as a “lucky” amulet since ancient times. The symbol can be found in the legends of African tribes. Belief in the magical properties of the hare’s foot is common in many places around the world, including Europe, China, Africa, North and South America. It is likely that this belief existed in Europe from 600 BC. e. among the Celts. But in Britain and America, they still believe in its power and that the talisman will surely attract good luck and luck.
The amulet symbolized closeness to the earth. With its paws, the beast touches the ground and cunningly confuses the tracks. Legends speak of the power of reincarnation. Sorcerers were endowed with the ability to turn into a hare. The inhabitants of the tribes thought that if you quickly cut off the paw of a hare, then the sorcerer would not be able to reincarnate back. The hunter, during the manufacture of the talisman, adopted all the abilities of the hare. He became fast, elusive. Such qualities as accuracy, luck passed to him. A feature of hares is the ability to sleep with their eyes open. This property contributed to protection from the evil eye.
We can safely add that this type of amulet also carries a dark side. So, according to legend, if a person loses it, he should expect troubles and misfortunes on his own head. African Americans were especially frightened when they lost such a talisman, old records from the 18th century testify to this.

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