Real fang of a black jaguar “Silver fetters”


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Real fang of a black jaguar “Silver fetters”

Materials: real panther fang, 925 sterling silver, blue topaz

Black and red jaguars symbolized the gods of rain and the countries of the world.
During the heyday of the Mayan civilization, the royal dynasties of many city-states considered the jaguar to be their sacred ancestor.
The ancient concept of the werewolf jaguar is reflected in the sculptural images of the half-man-half-cat (1500-400 BC), echoes the beliefs of the South American Indians, who believe that tribal shamans can turn into jaguars at any moment. Jaguar shamans cure diseases, bring luck to hunters, and predict the future.
The jaguar is the messenger of the spirits of the forest. In the tradition of shamanism, the appearance of the jaguar is one of the most common totems of the shaman, it symbolizes his spirit. Only a strong and powerful shaman could possess a jaguar totem.
The cult of the jaguar is part of animal magic and belongs to the Magic of the Totem clans.
At the heart of this cult is the ability of people to turn into a totem beast. In this case, the transformation of a person into a Jaguar occurs. These rites were practiced in the ancient civilizations of South America. During the ritual, under the influence of music (the rhythm of drums) and dance (movements imitating the Jaguar), a person was transformed into a beast.

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