Feathers: Spiritual Role In Shamanism, Symbolism

Do you know that feathers, in all their kinds and colors, are associated by shamans with many intriguing and mysterious things? Feather as a message from heaven, warning of a guardian angel, a symbol of your connection with the parallel universe… But how to understand what a particular feather may symbolize specially for you? Let’s try to get it discovered in this article.

The diverse meaning of feathers

A lot of things can be significant, each case is individual. Many factors come in the game: shape, color, circumstances, cultural aspect, the way they appear on your way.

Feather color

As for the colors, white feathers symbolize protection of higher powers, hope, love and ties with guardian angels. Black feathers can give a signal of warning, but also may be associated with wisdom and protection. Red feathers enhance strength, energy, revitalize and lead to emotional behavior. Grey feathers are more neutral – they are believed to have healing properties, to symbolize wisdom.

Positive mood, joy and confidence are promised by yellow feathers, while confidence and leadership qualities can be enhanced with peacock feathers.

The usage of feathers in different cultures and practices

The most popular symbols of feathers are lightness, spiritual connections, truth and fertility. In America, feathers are traditionally associated with happiness, positive emotions, joy and wisdom.

In ritual ceremonies feathers can be used for cleansing and healing purposes. They can help achieve balance and harmony just like meditation.

In the pursuit of strength, one should get eagle feathers, but purification comes with dove feathers. Owl ones predictably symbolize wisdom.

Some shamans also believe that feathers help to find justice both in this life and beyond.

Are feathers for good or mostly for bad?

Certainly, for good! Since ancient times, feathers have been symbolizing positive emotions, lightness, good luck and fortune. They have been believed to open the way to another reality and divinity, purifying mind and soul. Connected with birds, feathers also symbolize freedom and mind relief. So, in most cases regardless of the color or shape, feathers appear for good.

Feathers as messengers

To understand what a found feather may mean to you, look around yourself and reflect on the situation that currently bothers you. The feather may appear in front of you for any reason as a message from a guardian angel. What is happening in your life right now? What makes you hesitate? Maybe you should gain courage and change something in your life… Feather can be an answer to the most crucial question, a key to the way out.

Feathers and cultural context

You background and the culture you belong to may influence the symbolism of feathers you find on your way. For example, in the Celtic culture, feathers may appear as symbols of purity, pride, easy way to another realm, generosity. Traditionally Celts have believed that feathers bring messages from heaven, which may be both positive and negative. Eagle feathers have been of the highest value as symbols of a new life and strength. Raven feathers appear in front of those who should look into their soul and get it purified. Black feathers, according to Celts, do not promise any good, being a symbol of morning and misfortune. White ones are not always positive too – they may mean cowardice. In the Celtic culture, feathers are additional powers for a human being that open the human mind and broaden consciousness.

In the Native American culture, the belief in special properties of feathers is even stronger. Here, shamans also believe that feathers can deliver a word of God, symbolize wisdom, and even immortal life. They widely use feathers in ceremonies and rituals. For instance, tribe people get dressed in feathers for sacred dancing aimed to thank God for heavy crop, and abundance of food.

In this culture, feathers serve as decoration of houses, weapons, clothing and more. Certain tribes use feathers to gain more courage and get rid of limitations. Feathers also serve as instruments which enable people to reach harmony and peace, to purify mind and soul, to heal various diseases.

In the Christian culture, feathers are indued with many spiritual meanings depending on a bird as the source of the feathers. Although, in most cases, feathers are associated in this culture with higher powers, purification and protection. The Bible itself gives many confirmations to that in certain Psalms…

The Christian attitude to feathers highlights connection to angels and messengers from God. It is widely believed that feathers may help you overcome fears and obstacles in difficult situations. Seeing a feather is like seeing your guardian angel – someone is always near to help you out and protect you, to help you find the way out.

As for Egyptian culture, it predominantly treats feathers as symbols of truth, justice and order.

Feathers in your own life

This way or another, it all depends on your own belief and attitude. If you wish to empower feathers with protection or healing properties just through the power of your mind, you are likely to find confirmations of that. Just let feathers guide and help you, let them remind you of your inner power and your ties with your angels. You are never alone.

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