Amulet bear claw “Beast Power”


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“The force is clamped by the metal – it presses it, like heavy fetters, does not allow it to break out. The metal is rough. Its surface reflects the sun’s rays dully. Its heaviness is felt in every break. It firmly holds the bestial power placed in its very essence …” The silver “cage” is cast exactly under this claw and is assembled piece by piece around it. Such an assembly guarantees not only the integrity of the animal amulet inside the silver, but also the reliability of the assembly, because the claw is clamped by metal.

The symbolism of the author’s series of amulets “Dark Age” lies in the combination of the first malleable and white metal mined by man and the dangerous and dark beast mined by him. In these two elements there is the power of human reason, ingenuity and courage, the desire for knowledge and discovery. This power has been known since ancient times, because silver and animal amulets have accompanied man for thousands of years. A return to the origins, to the power of these dark ages, is contained in this series.
The bear claw serves as a talisman that saves the owner from illness and danger; it also tends to expose deceit and deceit. And outwardly he claims to those around him that his master is strong, like a bear, bold, but fair, because he does not waste his strength in vain.

Materials: alloy silver and cupronickel 50/50%, handmade plastic from copper and brass, handmade glass eye.


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