Totem amulet on a leather cord “Demon and boar”


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Totem amulet on a leather cord “Demon and boar”

Wild boar tusks in 925 sterling silver and rubies.
A very powerful amulet, has great power, Charged

Connecting with Boar, you will feel a surge of strength, confidence and clarity. It will not be something redundant or illusory. This will be the true power that will fill you, heal your spiritual wounds, nourish your Soul and body. The more you interact with it, the more it will manifest itself. As a result, you will become stronger and healthier physically, your inner core will become strong. Interaction with the Boar is useful both for people who have it as a Totem, and for those who feel broken, tired and powerless in themselves.
In the kingdom of spiritual animals, the Boar (Boar) is a symbol of fertility, life, health, protection, wealth, power, courage, military strength and power, unbending perseverance and valor.
The strength and power of the Boar is obvious to both his supporters and his enemies.
Boar and Demon is a very powerful amulet.
The demon is associated with black mana and with little influence from red mana.
Retrieval Demons are large demons that wear the bones of their victims as ornaments. These demons collect the bones (teeth, skulls, etc.) of their prey and sometimes make weapons from the bones.

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