Amulet from the claw of a bear “The power and strength of the beast”, XXXL size


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Amulet from the claw of a bear “The power and strength of the beast.”

Bear fangs and claws have been used as amulets since the Stone Age, being considered a talisman of extraordinary power. And this is natural – after all, the owner of such a talisman took the spirit of a bear as an ally.
What can characterize such an amulet? There are two sides of traditional ideas here.
The first refers to the bear itself. That is, such a charm endows its owner with bearish strength, endurance, perseverance, courage, protects against all adversities and diseases. Symbol of wealth and fertility. Gives a person courage and endurance, protects from predators, protects from witchcraft.
The second refers to God Veles.
The amulet in this case can bring wealth, wisdom, creativity or enhancement of these qualities. In addition, Veles is the owner of Navi, that is, the other world, he can protect a person with the help of powerful spirits from any adversity and misfortune. The army of Veles is the spirits that live next to us – brownies, banniki, courtyards and many others. Thus, the wearer of a bear amulet receives the support of these creatures. For this reason, it is customary to hang a bear’s paw in the house or in the yard in order to protect the home and all household members from roaming
I can charge this amulet for you or you can do it yourself.
You take a fang or a claw and put it on the table, on a stump, on the ground, on a stone.Lay out around the attribute in random order, what is associated with the elements of earth and forest (the earth itself, branches of Veles trees, cones, nuts, moss, whatever you see fit)
In the process of reading the conspiracy, one should hold two hands over the thing and imagine that a stream of energy is coming from the palms. A conspiracy to read so that the breath touches the surface of the claw, while imagining a forest, a taiga without borders and saying:

“There is no forest without a forest, there is no sky without the sun, moon and stars,
There is no world without animals, there is no bear without (voice: claws, skins, fang),
There is no world without God, I will call with my soul and respond, from spirit to spirit,
From body to body, from God to my cause, while the forest stands in the forest,
Until then, my (name of the rivers) spell on the bear (claw, fang …) lies.
As long as the bears walk through the forests, Velesov carries this amulet in himself.
His villainous, likhodeyka will not seize, will not take over, he himself will find any enemy,
Everything dashing back will return ”
After that, you need to exhale on the thing and say:

“I call (the name of the rivers) the owner, I ask you to share the power.
Go master into the world to marvel, help (the name of the rivers) block off with a shield.
From the evil eye, black slander, from tricks and influx, from the deeds of the sorcerer,
From the rites of the sorcerer, from anger, from water, from fire.
The spirit of the bear be higher than the mountain, stronger than water, stronger than damask steel, heavier than gold,
Stronger than a hero, harder than Alatyr’s stone.
Reveal the power of the beast! By the power of the spirit of the fence.
Enter into (claw, fang, paw, bone, skin). Let it be so!”

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