Bear shaman necklace made from real fangs of a huge grizzly bear


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Bear shaman necklace made from real fangs of a huge grizzly bear

Shaman necklace g from bear fangs – for gaining bear protection and patronage, bear strength and power, stamina, endurance. The necklace is made from the fangs of a grizzly bear, which has great physical spiritual strength. Charged at places of power.
Having received the bearish attribute in possession and use, you can get a part of the bearish power, which will be revealed and awakened by a practicing shaman, a man of strength. The bear is the spirit of the planet Earth, the keeper of knowledge and natural magic, the owner of the Lower World. His strength is great, and his spirit is great.
And the bear shaman’s necklace is a connection with his power.
Not everyone will be able to withstand the initiation of bear power, and not every bear will choose to be his disciple.
Shamans have been collecting necklaces of power since ancient times – after all, by creating a magic circle, a shaman gathers his power into a circle, thereby strengthening it many times, harmonizing and aligning energy flows.

Materials used: real grizzly bear fangs, moose horn, real rare charoite stone, 925 sterling silver, leather cord, leather, metal wire.


Completely handmade!!!


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