Amulet pendant with wolf claw


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Amulet pendant. Pendant with wolf claw. Real claw with finger pad.
Real wolf claw and wolf fur necklace.

People sincerely believed that the owner of such a trophy would receive from the predator all the main features of the Wolf – strength, cunning, insight, the ability to fight, win and be invincible.

Amulet Wolf’s Claw – the most powerful protection against all kinds of evil spirits. The wolf, as it were, resists evil. The Wolf Claw amulet protects against the evil eye and various diseases. Gives men strength both sexual and physical. The Claw of the Wolf gives energy and inspires self-confidence in difficult times. Helps to achieve justice. Protects against infidelity of a partner, both business and marriage. Develops intuition and dexterity. Helps achieve goals. Protects children from the negative influences of others.

From time immemorial, mothers hung an amulet with a fang and claw of a wolf over the cradle of babies, which protected the child from the evil and envious eye, damage and evil spirits. It was believed that the wolf’s claw would not allow an evil person to approach the baby’s bed and harm him, creating an obstacle in front of him in the form of an invisible wall.

The Wolf Claw amulet gave strength to warriors in the fight against the enemy. Indeed, in the wild, this Wolf always protects its territories, not allowing the enemy to invade them. And the courage and endurance of the animal can be envied. After all, Wolves rush into battle without fear, even if the enemy outnumbers him. And he won’t leave the fight without a win. The Wolf Claw amulet will be of great importance for a person who lacks willpower and perseverance to achieve goals.

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