Killer whale tooth with stone jade in 925 sterling silver


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Killer whale tooth with stone jade in 925 sterling silver. Rare find

Among the monsters in the mythology and beliefs of the northern peoples, the orca dolphin (Orca gladiator) occupies a prominent place. Killer whales since ancient times, people considered sea werewolves. They were called “nosed birds”. There is no data to explain this name.

In summer, these monsters take the form of killer whales, and in winter they come ashore and turn into wolves that hunt herds of deer. According to this view, wolves are considered to be endowed with supernatural powers.

Killer whales play a prominent role in the mythology of many tribes in northeast Asia. There are beliefs that killer whales are helpers of the sea god. When they attack a whale and tear pieces of meat from its body, they give the prey to the sea god. They also leads him to watch a school of sea fish that enters the rivers to spawn.

Killer whale teeth are a sure remedy for headaches, and especially for toothaches. Properties of talismans and amulets made of jadeite

 Amulets and amulets made of jadeite attract success in all endeavors to the owner. The stone protects from empty experiences, difficulties and adversities of a different nature. Also, the mineral sets the owner to an elevated way of thinking, makes him a balanced, kind-hearted and highly moral person.
In addition, it is believed that jadeite is able to ward off mortal danger from the owner (but only once).


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