Amulet with bear eye “All-seeing eye”


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Amulet with bear eye “All-seeing eye”
Natural bear’s eye, bronze, enamel,8 stones red ruby .

The giant of the northern forests, tundra and hills – the bear, personifies not only strength and power, but also kindness, intelligence, resourcefulness, the desire to go to victory. All these properties are also used as a talisman that can protect its owner from the effects of dark forces. Third-party negative influence in our time cannot be called news, however, like earlier times. Corruption, the evil eye, curses and slander exist to this day, and in order to prevent the influence of negative energy, a protective amulet. Amulet “Sharp eye of the Bear” develops clairvoyance.

  Conspiracy on the eye of a bear: “I call (my name or the name of the one you are conspiring against) the owner. I ask you to share the power. , from tricks and inflows, from the affairs of a sorcerer, from the rites of a sorcerer, from anger, from water, from fire. The spirit of a bear be higher than a mountain, stronger than water, stronger than damask steel, heavier than gold, stronger than a hero, harder than Alatyr stone. block the spirit. Enter the bear’s eye. So be it!”
 ON the profitable moon. Read 7 times. If you speak on Veles day from January 19 to January 20 at night) – it has been working for 7 years.


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