Shaman mirror with claw, toli, panaptu, kuzung


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Shaman mirror with claw. Toli, panaptu, kuzung.

During the manufacturing process, the mirror was heated on birch wood and boiled in a runic circle. Made from authentic pewter bronze.

Made from authentic pewter bronze + bear claw + Leather lace.

Many Shamans believe that the presence of a tambourine is not necessary, but the presence of a mirror implies the presence of the Force. As a rule, a Spirit lives inside such a mirror, which helps the Shaman with advice at the most necessary moment. Shamans try to accumulate more mirrors during their lives, this is the multiplication of their own Power. The mirror can be used as a Shaman-healer’s tool to purify the body and Spirit, as an oracle or a basis for Eerens (repositories of Spirits).

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