Amulet “Wolf Woman”


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Amulet for strong women.
Girls and women often turn to a wolf amulet to perform a love spell. They use the amulet to attract the attention of a man, as well as to make a partner faithful.
Also, this amulet is good for family protection and well-being. It is believed that the symbol of the wolf makes girls more attractive and helps them to keep their youth for many years.
The wolf has always been considered very smart and knowledgeable, an intermediary between the world of the living and the dead, between the forces of good and evil. A woman who wears a wolf necklace has heightened intuition and animal instincts. She cannot be deceived.
An unmarried lady with a wolf symbol will be very attractive in the eyes of partners, no one can pass by, everyone will fight for her.

“From the realm of the hidden, from the realm without time,
I invoke the Great Beast.
I call through the passage of centuries.
You, wonderful beast, forest wolf,
above all the wolves, the elder prince!
I want to be your granddaughter (grandson), under your protection,
Put a part of your spirit into (claw, fang, skin),
Cover me with your spirit, save me.
Give strength and power to my work and body,
Make the amulet strong and true.
Let him be with you
It feeds on your spirit, fills with your strength and power.
This (fang, claw, skin, paw) will help me,
He will strengthen the spirit, save the body, save on the way, take away the enemies.
By your spirit my deeds are fanned,
Closed by your strength, twisted by my words.
I release the beast, I receive a talisman. Let it be so! »
The active (working) hand must be held over the thing, energy must be passed into it while in working condition. Read until you feel that enough is enough, and that the amulet began to exude Force, charged. Wolf amulets charge on the full moon

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