Roe deer hoof amulet pendant “Power of love”


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Roe deer hoof amulet pendant “Power of love”

Powerful amulet

The roe deer is the totem that does not distinguish between black and white, good and evil.
The totem of this animal will tell its owner only one thing: to love. To love no matter what. It is designed to discover within oneself an unprecedented power to love a person, accepting his weaknesses and shortcomings.
The wisdom of Roe deer lies in the fact that you can’t change anyone anyway, you can’t force anyone to change. And for this reason, people need to be accepted as they are, albeit with flaws. And let no one be perfect, the main thing is to be real, to be yourself.
The meaning of Roe Deer Totem says that only the kindness of the heart and soul can resolve all conflicts, improve relationships and heal all old wounds and grievances. You can’t succumb to negative situations and people in life, you need to believe in the good, be tuned only to the positive notes of life.
The hoof of a roe deer has been used since ancient times to enhance the power of a master, shaman, magician.
Real masters themselves know this, given that the roe deer is an animal of magicians and the creature whose spirit totem opens the door to the world of helper spirits and magical powers.
The hooves and antlers of the roe deer help open the paths and protect them on the road.



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