Claw “Bengal tigress” in 925 sterling silver + spinel minerals


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Claw “Bengal tigress” in 925 sterling silver + spinel minerals

The Bengal tigress is a powerful, dexterous, strong, formidable beast, enjoying boundless respect and admiration among all peoples whose life is connected with the life of the jungle! There is no better talisman for a person than enlisting the support of the Queen of the Jungle. After all, the Lord himself called tigers to protect their forests!

Spinel – magical properties:

 replenishment of vital energy, guidance in the right direction when making difficult decisions;
 improving meditative abilities, establishing control of attention or total concentration;
 development of intuition, the gift of foresight, assistance with the implementation of plans or goals;
 protection from third-party negative actions, enemies, damage or evil eye;
 creating a positive image among colleagues, an authoritative status.
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