Keychain “Wolf Fang”


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Keychain “Wolf Fang”

Real fang of a large wolf, carving from an elk antler. Completely handmade.

The wolf has an unshakable reputation as a mystical, strong animal among all peoples. Some cultures persecute him, some idolize him, but no one treats the wolf disrespectfully. An unusual beast is a guide to the world of death, an evil servant on the border of the worlds of light and darkness. Therefore, such an amulet, such as the fang of a wolf, will give its owner incredible esoteric power, invulnerability, militancy.

 Ritual for wolf fangs, teeth:

 From the realm of the hidden, from the realm without time, I invoke the Great Beast. I put the CALL, through the passage of centuries. You are a wonderful beast, a forest wolf, over all the voklks the elder prince. I want to be your granddaughter (grandson), under your guarantee, put a part of your spirit into (claw, fang, teeth, skin), cover me with your spirit, save. Give strength and power to my work and body. Make the amulet strong and true. Let it be connected with you, feed on your spirit, fill with your strength and power. This (fang, tooth, claw, skin, paw) will help me, strengthen my spirit, save my body, save on the way, take away the enemies.
 By your spirit my deeds are fanned, by your strength they are closed, confirmed by my words. I release the beast, I receive a talisman. Let it be so!”
 Wolf things charge in the full moon.
 Just some, for example, a warrior, to come out victorious in a fight with the enemy on certain days, February 19, March 9.
 Put the thing on the table – the altar, or on the ground – hold your hand over the thing, let the vibes and speak.


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