Amulet pendant “Lynx Claw”, big size


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Amulet pendant “Lynx Claw”

Big size

Powerful sorcery amulet with occupancy.
The lynx is a symbol of protection. In nature, the lynx is very cautious. Each of its movements is calculated, each of its actions is verified.
Such artifacts in magic are used as a container for the spirit.
If the lynx is your totem animal, then the amulet will give you the strength of a werewolf, dexterity, tell you the right and balanced decisions in any situation. Also, this amulet will protect your family hearth.


The amulet is already occupied, does not require activation.
The spirit will serve one person and keep those who are related to him by blood or those whose blood the master will give a try. This amulet will protect you from any magical attack, damage, evil eye and other negativity.

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