Moose hoof, Completely natural


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Moose hoof, Completely natural

Products made from elk hooves have great magical power.

Products made from the front hooves of moose cows, whether rings, bracelets or pendants, are like a mirror for black spirits, undead, “vampires” (it is very useful for pregnant women to wear and hang over the entrance to the nursery).
These amulets give longevity, calm childbirth, a calm life.
Elk corresponds to the rune Elhaz!
OR Alkhiz. Emotional control is essential.
In times of change, reversals in life’s course, and accelerated self-change, it’s important not to give in to emotions – both pleasant and unpleasant. This sign is characterized by new opportunities and challenges.

Plot on an amulet – a talisman from an elk (bone, horn, skin or STILIZATION)

“The owner is elk, protect my hut
hit your enemies with your hoof
so that the thoughts and deeds of the enemy are broken
Plunge the cool shovels of the horns into the enemy’s sides
How do you run, sweep away thin foxes with your horns
I’m following you – I’ll break the disease and trouble
how majestically you step along the taiga paths
Small snags do not notice
so I walk through life, strife and squabbles of enemies do not know, do not welcome
Lord of the forest, not acquisitive, let my work bring joy
Incomes grow
My household members, children are pampered, fed, put on shoes, while not melting
But close friends respect me
My domina knows no need
Comes full
There is no and will not be ruin, all kinds of torment in my family, not now, not in a hard time
My hut is full of goodness and living warmth
I bow to you forest master, I praise you, I instill the word to the deed.
Forever and ever.”

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