Polar bear claw in silver “Northern blizzard”


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Polar bear claw in silver “Northern blizzard”
Materials used: real polar bear claw, 925 sterling silver

Since ancient times, the claws, paws, teeth of animals have been associated with the manifestation of such qualities as courage, courage, stamina. Jewelry made from the bones of a dead animal was especially revered.
Amulet A bear’s claw, obtained in a fight with a predator, purposefully enhances the protective properties of a person. Strength, assertiveness, health passes from the bear to the owner. The talisman gives its owner courage, gives the owner courage and courage, helps to survive even in the most difficult battle and protects from damage and the evil eye.
The talisman helps to get the powerful energy that the bear possessed. Possessing yourself in any situation, you can feel the magical effect of this amulet.

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