Set for making a necklace “Fox”, Fox bone jewelry, Natural fox bone


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Set for making a necklace “Fox”. Fox bone jewelry.
Natural fox bone.
The set includes 30 beads from white  bones, 30 beads from black  bones.

The spirit of the fox carries female energy – female magic. The owners of the fox amulet acquire the properties of a werewolf, resourcefulness, and the magic of disguise.
The spirit of the fox combines canine strength and feline resourcefulness, carries in itself an active affirmation of female creative energy.
By letting the fox into your life, you can develop the ability to see spirits. The fox literally sees the inhabitants of the twilight zones: elves, fairies … The fox has sharp eyesight, although it does not distinguish colors, but perceives the subtlest shades. Thus, you will perfectly understand what this or that person is worth.

The fox has keen hearing. You will always hear what is being said behind your back. And if you want to study aromatherapy, then the fox amulet is necessary here, because the fox has the most sensitive sense of smell.

With the help of a claw amulet, you can attract additional luck. A person wearing such a talisman will be more successful and lucky. At the same time, the natural cunning and resourcefulness, as well as the special wisdom that the fox possesses, will also be transferred to the carrier – he will be able to easily avoid unpleasant situations, get into conflicts less often, he will better understand the people around him and will get out of disputes without loss.


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