Shamanic Lash, real Yak tail size XXXXL


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Shamanic Lash. Real Yak tail size XXXXL

SHAMANIC LASH – (lash-tashuur, mina, kabylga there are other names).
Shaman whip – a tool that strikes or cuts harmful energy, and then sweeps it away, an object with the ability to transform energy.

With the help of the whip, the shaman can both drive out evil Spirits, defend himself, and attack them.
Many people knew about this property of the whip, and, for example, the Tofalars had a custom to “cast out evil spirits” with a whip every day.

The shamanic whip is also used during the ritual of cleansing a room, car, territory, and other things. They hit walls, corners, objects that need cleaning, air, etc. with a whip. Many shamans advise hanging a whip at the head of a bed to protect one from evil spirits (including small children) in a dream. Like the artysh (arsy) branch, the whip itself is a strong protective amulet.
The whip is the main active object of power when performing the rituals of wire the soul of the deceased. A whip and a rattle are used to call the soul (it spins above the head).

To control this soul during the rite itself (invite the soul into the circle, show a treat, escort back, etc.) and of course to protect the shaman and people present.
The shaman’s whip must be fumigated, cleaned before and after the rituals. With a hoof, they clean off heavy energy directly from a person, then they knock on the ground and spend it over the fire.

Materials:real yak tail, wooden handle.

Size: lenght 36″ ( 90-92cm)


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