Very beautiful rare wolverine fur, wolverine skin


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Very beautiful rare wolverine fur. Extra large size 48-49″ (120-125 cm). Wolverine skin. Natural wolverine skin. Wolverine skins are very soft and professionally tanned.

Wolverine fur has one unusual property that no other type of fur can boast of: thanks to its thick undercoat, it never becomes covered with frost from breathing, even in the most severe frosts. The villi of the fur are so dense and smooth that the ice crystals simply have nothing to catch on and they fall off. Therefore, the skin of the wolverine, as a rule, is used for finishing fur products: hats, high boots from wolverine, and for sewing clothes for people whose labor activity takes place in the most extreme conditions (at temperatures below -30 degrees). A great gift for hunters, fishermen and just lovers of winter travel.

The second advantage is that by sewing a hat made of wolverine fur (the famous earflaps with a fluffy trim of sparkling fur), you get the rarest headdress that your friends and acquaintances will almost certainly not have. For example, among the peoples of the North, wolverine fur is valued even higher than sable. Wolverines, due to their active wandering lifestyle, are not bred in cages, so this fur will never be massive. His Majesty the fur that was sold at auctions even by candlelight, the fur that was used to decorate royal robes and was worn on their shoulders by the greatest monarchs of the world, fur, considered a symbol of power and might, an indispensable attribute of the conquerors of the northern expanses, belonged to the strong sex from time immemorial .

Size: Extra large size 48-49″ (120-125 cm).

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