Wings and tail of the Rough-legged Owl


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Wings and tail of the Rough-legged Owl

The Rough-legged Owl is the smallest representative among owls. In nature, there are four varieties of this species. Birds lead a very secretive lifestyle, and meeting such an owl is a real success.
In ancient legends, the owl usually appears as a sinister bird. There was even such a terrible sign “If the owl sat in the yard, wait for death.”
CRY OF THE OWL. The owl screams rather unpleasantly: either a groan, or a cry, or a lament. There was an opinion that with its cry the owl prophesies trouble.
ASSOCIATIONS. People in their imagination associated Owls with deceased souls. This is partly due to the fact that owls sometimes arrange their nests in cemeteries. And, on the other hand, where else can they nest, if they are driven away from housing?
IN MAGIC. It is believed that owl feathers have magical properties. Sometimes owl feathers are fumigated or simply fanned from the fright of small children, and they are also woven into the “Dream Catcher”, which protects against insomnia.

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