Wings, Tail and Paws of the Marsh Harrier


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Wings, tail and paws of the marsh harrier
Marsh harrier

The Marsh Harrier is the largest of the European Harriers. Surely you have seen this beautiful bird with a long tail and narrow wings raised behind its back in the form of the letter “V”. Its flight is characterized by a smooth glide low above the ground, like a glider.
The predatory look of the moon resembles a wolf’s. Yes, it can be compared with this gray “forest orderly”. After all, the reed hawk maintains the ecological balance of swamps and lakes. Since it eats carrion and wounded animals, ducks killed but not found by hunters, destroys harmful rodents and insects in the fields, the harrier can also be called “the orderly of lakes and swamps.”
These birds are mostly monogamous, but sometimes it also happens that the male acquires a small harem. Then the nests are located close to each other.
In the air, the marsh harrier is a very elegant and agile bird. Its flight style consists of slow wingbeats typical of large birds of prey and short periods of soaring flight.
The harrier is the fastest of the hawks.
Like all hawks, this is a totem that gives fantastic strength and guardianship (if you work with the feathers of a female).
The hawk has long been considered a soothsayer, protector and a bird that brings news.
Possessors of the most keen eyesight among birds of prey can compete in this, perhaps, only with owls.


No animals were harmed in the production of this product.

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