Wolf werewolf, shaman costume


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Wolf werewolf. Shaman costume

The ability of the guardian spirits of shamans to appear in human form and speak with people is considered proof of their power. At the same time, they can sometimes appear in the form of unusual animals – for example, flying snakes or mammals, which is also evidence of the power of guardian spirits. Taking human form is a magical act. Being the guardian of the shaman, the animal endows him with the same power of reincarnation – especially from human to animal and vice versa.
The shaman’s belief that he can take the form of his guardian spirit is a long-standing and widespread belief. Shamans often turned into wolves, bears, deer, fish, birds.
Werewolf Potion:
How to become a wolf without being bitten by a werewolf, killing an animal and wandering through the forest in search of wolf tracks? It is necessary to brew a revolving herbal potion:

St. John’s wort;
blackberry leaves;
dog-rose fruit.
Herbs are taken in equal amounts and boiled in water for 15 minutes. The fire should be moderate after boiling. Of course, you need to pick the grass yourself in the forest or forest belt. When the herbs have cooled, a drop of their own blood is added to the potion. The bottle with the potion is placed in the refrigerator on the side shelf so that it is infused for a week. After that, the potion is filtered through gauze.
On the full moon, they go to the forest, make a fire and take off all their clothes. Then they drink the potion in one gulp and throw the empty bottle into the fire. Cast a spell:
“I renounce people, I turn into a beast. Today and forever, with a full moon, the wolf in me will wake up”
Many werewolves have unusual abilities. These creatures can have incredible strength, move at very high speeds, move objects, both small and large. Also, werewolves are able to read information from people.


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