Baculum WOLF, Baculum BEAR


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Baculum of the strongest. Baculum WOLF. Baculum BEAR

The bone of the penis of a wolf and a bear is a remedy for impotence.

Baculum bear – good luck amulet
The bear charm grants “bear” health and strength. Gives its owner the ability to remain calm even in extreme situations. Gives authority and impressiveness in the eyes of the interlocutor. Legibility, perseverance and self-confidence are the fundamental qualities of the “owner of the forest”. The powerful energy of a wild beast protects from evil spirits and dangers. Bear amulets have three main properties. First, financial well-being. Secondly, the increase or retention of social status. And thirdly, protection on the road.

Baculum of the wolf – an amulet of good luck
The Wolf Man is essentially a social orderly, he has a sense of justice and strict order. Duty is above all for him. Wolf people live in their own, not someone else’s mind, do not take advice from the outside. At the same time, they have a “wolf greed” for knowledge.
In the old days, warriors often identified themselves with wolves and used their images in their amulets. The wolf is a real fighter. Smart and cunning, hardy and dexterous, he always achieves what he wants. Wolf amulets betray fearlessness and confidence, the ability to fight to victory, sparing no one’s strength. The amulet of the wolf protects from the evil eye and diseases. It helps to develop intuition, to get out of any problem situation with dignity. It also contributes to business success and career growth.
Can be worn on a belt, keys, key chains and more
The price for a wolf baculum and a bear baculum is the same. Price for 1 piece.


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