The Meaning of Shamanic Ceremony and Popular Shamanic Rituals

Our plunge into the world of super advanced technologies is getting deeper and deeper, and this process will never stop as long as humans exist and strive for simple and comfortable life. But amidst smartphones, blockchains, and robotized machines, people inexplicable strain after original roots, traditional practices, nature and the wisdom of ancestors. And they do it right, because the modern achievements of science in combination with original human intuition and ancient knowledge is a super power to rule your own life and the things that normally seem to be out of your control.

Shamanic rituals belong to that knowledge for sure, in appropriate hands they can change events, and attitudes, and lead to individual transformation. They exist to find the hidden power in a human being and use it for health improvement, well-being, better understanding of self and others, for influence and peacefulness, for many other countless purposes.

Not religion but close

Shamanic practices are rooted in the very ancient religious experiences of humans. The shamanic study could turn into a religion but it will never happen simply because it denies any system or dogma. It’s more about the way one sees the world, the desire to be in harmony with nature, to believe and to listen to the universe. Shamanism and its rituals are beyond study guides, catalogues, doctrines, laws and complicated terms. They have nothing to do with laboratories and scientific titles. The boundaries of shamanism, if any, are flexible and obscure. Indeed, what boundaries can a journey into your inner self have? Shamanic rituals will help you to reunite with the roots, to find harmony and balance, to get a better understanding of your place and role for this world. Religion can be connected to certain peoples and national culturally, historically and geographically, but the power of shamanic practices is admired universally!

From small acts to bigger events

You can start with small things to build a deep connection with another you – a person who is more powerful and greater than you are today. Such practices are not difficult and can turn into daily routine. For example, a daily gratitude ritual, reflecting upon your intentions under the bright moon, a little daily meditation right after awakening. Small things can be a good start to a deep inner transformation. Let your spirit move inside of you and change you positively.

Popular shamanic rituals

Getting deep into the shamanic world, we turn to more sophisticated rituals. They involve music, additional instruments and environments. For their practices, shamans often apply drums or chanting tools, shamanic amulets, animal skins and parts, taxidermy products. All these instruments contribute to a shamanic journey and assist to the state of trance.

A drum is the most popular instrument used to enter trance impacting the brain with pulsating repeated beats. The drum beat uncovers invisible worlds in a mysterious and calming way similar to meditation. Shamans use the drum to heal people, to contact spirits, to obtain extra powers and obtain wisdom. Sometimes they refer to singing and chanting of sacred names for entering trance. This ritual is believed to summon spirits which come to help the shaman in his spiritual journey.

The most powerful shamanic rituals are connected with significant events in life – birthdays, marriages, divorces, childbirth, funerals and death. The change of seasons is also a remarkable event for shamans. When a young man comes into adulthood, shamans perform special rituals in order to connect the man to ancestral wisdom and help him acquire his spiritual identity.

Newly wedded couples address shamans to unite not only in documents and in church, but also in spirit. Autumn harvest festivals may also involve shamanic rituals for expressing gratitude to the supreme powers for abundance in vegetables, grains and fruit. It gives them hope for continued powerful crop and well-being.

In the periods of changes, sacred shamanic rituals turn into methods of individual transformation and spiritual enrichment. They are able to broaden consciousness and help you understand what is really valuable in life. They give you the answers to eternal questions.

If you feel you need to change something in your life, mystical shamanic practices can become a good start for your renewal and transformation. They will help you look deep into yourself and find the inner power which goes beyond any physical or material conditions.

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