Paired pendant “Kite’s claw and owl’s claw”


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Paired pendant “Kite’s claw and owl’s claw”

Pair pendant male + female. Pendant for lovers.

Holy Valentine’s Day. Gift for Valentine’s Day. Yin and Yang.

The price is for 2 pendants (1 male + 1 female)

The pair pendant is made of deer antler, natural kite claw, natural owl claw, leather cord. The kite carries a solar disk in its powerful paws, personifying the day.

The owl carries darkness and moonlight on its wings, personifying the night. They are inseparable – they are different, but they are one. A light pendant on a white cord, the amber claw of a long-eared owl became the heart of this amulet.

The owl’s claw protects from evil forces, protects the family and children, suggests the right path to those who have gone astray. The owl personifies wisdom, strong intuition, magic, patience, knowledge, problem solving, overcoming obstacles, helps to find a way out of unsolvable situations.

A dark pendant on a brown background keeps a large kite claw in its black top. It symbolizes strength, dexterity, courage. The kite’s claw protects its wearer, his home, family, bestows health, strength of mind and body. This pendant leads congenial people to absolute unity, harmony, prosperity and a happy union.

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