Amulet “Submission” from the claws of a bear in silver, added sapphire


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Amulet “Submission” from the claws of a bear in silver, added sapphire.
Materials used: real bear claw, 925 sterling silver, sapphire stone

The amulet is made in the form of one of the ancient symbol of “submission”, it will help to become stronger (spirit), have the power of the word (type of submission), seeks to conquer, achieve goals, move only forward, overcome obstacles without much difficulty, the amulet will also endow its owner a special kind of protection (!)
The claw of a bear is a classic amulet of ancient Rus’, the Caucasus, Europe and other nations of the globe. The amulet will protect from evil, negativity, enegovamirism and everything connected with it. It will give confidence, vitality, perseverance and other vital qualities. Can be used in practices and worldly life….

Sapphire is a stone that gives fidelity, chastity and modesty, brings happiness in love. He is able to help find a goal in his life, overcome all fears and depressions, brings spiritual comfort, makes a person calm, strengthens prudence, tames passions.

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