Boar tusk pendant, The strongest amulet


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Natural boar hoof, Rare find

The fang of the boar has protective properties against witchcraft and black magic. Protects its owner, takes the path of protection. It is a symbol of family unity. Shamans used wild boar fangs as very strong magical protective amulets. The heavenly boar assisted the shaman and protected him from attacks on dangerous journeys.

A real tusk of a wild boar has been used as an amulet since ancient times. Despite the fact that this is a male amulet that gives health, strength and perseverance in achieving the goal, it is also worn by women in the form of pendants, around the neck or on the belt.

Amulets with a boar’s fang were most often used to increase wealth, luck in money.

You can also call a wild boar as a totem animal through a fang. The fang of a wild boar is the key to a powerful egregor. It must be remembered that the boar is very jealous and capricious, and will not tolerate any other animal amulets on you.

The fang of a boar is strength, resourcefulness, lightning speed of decisions, inexorable movement forward Suitable for those who want to break any obstacles

It doesn’t matter what year it is, what era, and what path the development of civilization is taking, the magic of animal amulets, the fang and hoof of the boar, is still in each of us in the blood. Created by Svarog in the world revealed by Rod, we remember the dull bitter smell of pine forest and snow, we hear the howl of wolves and snowstorms, our ear sensitively picks up the sound of a shot arrow. And even though we, the children of megacities and high technologies, have never experienced this, our genetic memory stores these memories.
It was believed that with the help of a fang amulet, a boar’s hoof, a person can get the spirit of the beast as an ally. But, gaining the spirit, a person receives the strength of not one animal, but a whole family. An animal-spirit has its own characteristics and capabilities, and a person who enters into a spiritual union with him has a chance to develop the corresponding abilities in himself.


The price is for 1 piece.

Materials: The amulet is made of a real tusk of a wild boar. Carved from elk antler.

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