Natural river otter skin, size XXL, premium quality


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Natural river otter skin, size XXL, premium quality

Superbly made.
Among the rare and valuable breeds of fur, the otter occupies a special place. This animal lives in water and has no subcutaneous fat. All functions of heat preservation are assigned to the fur cover. Therefore, the skin of the otter perfectly retains heat, practically does not get wet in the rain and retains its original appearance for a long time.
The fur of the otter is very shiny, short and soft. The skin is of medium thickness, dense.
Our otter skins are absolutely safe for the environment.
Otter fur can be used for many purposes:
– tailoring of fur coats, hats, mittens…
– tailoring of suits
– production of accessories, jewelry
– material for needlework
-much more
Magnificent skins of very large sizes.
Whole length 46″-49″
Body length from nose to base of tail 30-33″
Tail length 15-18″
Center Width 8-9″.

Obtained legally during the hunting season.

Натуральная кожа речной выдры, размер XXL, премиум качество

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