Old fang of a cave bear, age 30000 years


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Old fang of a cave bear. Age 30000 years.

A very large old fang.
Fear, the worst fear! It is familiar to every living being… The most terrible fear is to be eaten alive.
This is how the memory of past lives or the memory of our ancestors speaks to us.
See photo for size.


A special amulet will help to endow with strength, courage and masculinity. One of the strongest is the fang of the cave bear.

In order for it to become a real amulet and helper, you need to properly activate it. Then the power of the bear will help you in everything.


!!!Activation must be done on a full moon.

  • Place the fang in the palm of your hand, stand with your back to the moon and close your eyes.
  •  Focus on the amulet.Imagine yourself as a conductor of moonlight and feel how the power of the moon is transferred to the amulet.
  •  Read the plot: “Bear claws, bear paws, bear souls are now friends with me. Relatives to each other, they recognized each other, they found each other on the shore and hugged. Now we hear and see together. Do it together. Together we are strength, together we are strength. I am for you, you are for me. Trust, security, surrender to the beast within. The symbol is with me, I am with it, one by one. Forward. Get it.”

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